Adrienne Bailon Dispels Fabolous Dating Rumors

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Adrienne Bailon is dispelling rumors (again) that she's dating rapper Fabolous. The former 3LW and Cheetah Girls singer has been romantically linked to her Def Jam label mate for some time now, one of his many alleged infidelities while with baby mama Emily Bustamante of "Love & Hip-Hop: 2." Adrienne dished to Power 105.1's Cherry Martinez that she's a fan of the reality show but all allegations about her dating Fab are totally false. “We’re over it. We’re literally like 3 years into saying that I date Fab! Em [Emily], me and Fab ... we’re over it."

Love & Hip-Hop: Emily B Clears Up Fabolous, Adrienne Bailon Rumors

She may be over it, but the blogs continue to salivate over the thought of a coupling between the two NYC scenesters. When asked why she was spotted cozily walking into Jay-Z's 40/40 relaunch party just the other day with Fabolous, Adrienne explained that they're great friends and that's just what great friends do. Duh! The singer said that she often hangs out with Emily and even goes on vacation with them as one big happy crew.

She stressed, "My best friend Ashley is Fab's assistant. Like we're literally a family, a crew, we all hang out together. And that's totally normal guys. Like that's normal. I actually don't think I've ever hung out with Fab by myself. If ever someone can find me a picture of me and Fab alone--anywhere in life-- PLEASE come forward. Come forward. Leak it to the blogs. We hang out ... I'm great friends with his manager and we're all friends."

Adrienne also revealed why her real-life high-profile relationship with Kim Kardashian's baby bro Rob took a turn for the worst. Although they were in love and moved in together on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," Adrienne's traditional upbringing clashed with Rob's less-than-normal (understatement of the century) clan. The two have remained good friends despite the falling out. "We're super cool. We actually laugh about it now," she said.