Bow Wow's 'Underrated' Album Shaped By Experience

Music News
By Rob Markman

Although Bow Wow has yet to turn 25, the Cash Money rapper is already gearing up to release his seventh studio album Underrated. During his visit to "RapFix Live" on Wednesday (January 25), Bow Wow explained that the new project is very much shaped by his experiences over the past few years. "I feel like with this album, it's so different, because I had to live life to make this album," he told told Sway.

"I had to go through a lot of things for me to be able to write the type of things I'm writing now, to understand my fans, to be on the ground level. Not above my people, but right there with my people," he continued. "I would probably need another three years to live before I can create another one. Just so I could go through different things."

As far as the album title, Bow used it as motivation. "The more and more I kept sayin' the word 'underrated,' I realized how many others of millions of people out there probably tuning in right now who probably feel like they're underrated," he said. "I'm sure there is an underground rapper out there who can rap hard and he want his break."

Despite all his platinum plaques and sold-out tours, Bow Wow still feels like he doesn't get his just due. He hopes that will change once the album drops. Bow recently debuted the first video from the album, for "Sweat" with Lil Wayne, and he has already clocked in collaborations with Lloyd Banks. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss and Meek Mill and still plans to record with Wiz Khalifa.

Though there isn't a concrete release date in place, Bow Wow estimates Underrated will drop in April.