Maino Previews 'The Day After Tomorrow' In NYC

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By Rob Markman

When Maino released his debut album If Tomorrow Comes… in 2009, the Brooklyn MC wasn’t quite sure how his rap career would pan out. Before hip-hop Main made his bones in the streets and even completed a stretch in prison before dedicating himself to music. Well, tomorrow has come and three years after his first LP, Maino is a certified hit maker. Standing triumphant, the “Hi Hater” spitter is getting set to release his second LP The Day After Tomorrow on February 28, and he gave a select few writers a preview last night at Skyline Studios in NYC. Of course RapFix was on hand.

Maino is clearly in a good space. On TDAT he picks up where he left off with his 2009 motivational hit “All of the Above.” Even when he raps about not seeing his son enough due to his hectic touring schedule, Maino promises to keep going on the sentimental sounding “Never Gon’ Stop.” Maino is no longer a dweller of New York’s underground, now he is clearly having the time of his life, enjoying his success for the most part. On the Buckwild-produced “Nino Brown” he reps for all of the street hustlers who have made it out the game to make legal money.

Still, despite his apparent wins, Maino doesn’t forget who he is. On the island-tinged “Gangstas Ain’t Dead” Maino sets himself apart from the different characters that now occupy rap. He isn’t the college drop-out, the pretty boy MC or the smoked out spitter, instead Maino fully embraces his street side promising to keep his friends close and his enemies closer on the hook. “Need A Way Out” is another return to the block as Maino recalls his former hustles and famed jail bid, looking for a way to beat the odds.

On “Cream” with T.I. and Meek Mill, “Let It Fly” with Roscoe Dash and the R&B-laced “That Could Be Us,” Maino proves that making hits isn’t a problem, but The Day After Tomorrow presents so much more. Songs like “Messiah” and “Glad to Be Alive” do better to exemplify the LP’s overlaying theme. Considering his troubled past, statistically Maino wasn’t supposed to make it too far. You see, Maino’s tomorrows were never promised and that’s why he raps each day like it’s his last.

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