Common, Drake Steer Clear Of Each Other At Sundance


(Common talks Drake at Sundance)

By Nadeska Alexis (@neweryork)

Common and Drake were both in Park City, Utah this weekend to perform and enjoy festivities at the Sundance Film Festival but, as could be expected, the two rappers didn’t make time to hang with each other. MTV News caught up with Common for a quick chat, during which he maintained that the beef between himself and the Toronto rapper had come to a stalemate. “I kinda addressed it so much on record, I feel like I really don’t have any more to say about it. I think it’s just part of a hip hop battle, that’s all really,” Common said.

A Timeline Of Drake, Common Beef: 'Sweet' To 'Stay Schemin'

When asked if he would have any words for Drake if they bumped into each other, Common didn’t seem interested in the prospect. “Nah, I’m good, I’m cool,” he replied. “I said what I had to say on record and it’s as simple as that really.”

The beef between the two began with the release of Common’s single “Sweet,” which featured a few lines that were interpreted as jabs at Drake. After a few subliminal back-and-forth shots in the media, Drake directed a verse at Common on Rick Ross’ single “Stay Schemin’” and Common responded with a scathing verse on “Stay Schemin’ (remix).”

According to Common, unless Drake decides to respond with another verse (which seems very unlikely) this will be the last we hear of “Canada Dry.”

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