Young Jeezy, T.I. Join Tyga On 'Rack City' Video Set


By Rob Markman

Tyga's anticipated video for the "Rack City" remix will not fail to deliver. In addition to having features from Fabolous and Wale, the Young Money rapper has also enlisted T.I. and Atlanta to appear in the upcoming visuals for his popular single. MTV News caught up with Jeezy and T.I. when they filmed with Tyga in Atlanta last week.

"I heard the record, loved it, seen it go crazy in the club. I couldn't visualize it without a Young verse on there, so I just went ahead," Jeezy told MTV News from the video set. "The homey hit me up for the video, and we in the A-Town, we in the city, we here, turnt up."

Usually, pulling features from such big names is quite the chore, especially for newer artists like Tyga. But already, the "Rack City" remix features some pretty notable MCs, with the Snowman and Tip just the latest to jump onboard. "I didn't think the song would be bigger than outside of L.A., because that's like an L.A. sound," Tyga said, "So to have two of the legends that I'm big fans of on the record is crazy."

When talking about his decision to jump on the record, T.I. was as nonchalant as could be. "For me, I got reached out to. They told me to add my two cents in, so I did just that," Tip said. "When they told me the video was coming, I picked out an outfit."

During a separate January shoot for the same video, Wale joked about the influence Tyga's "Rack City" had on strippers. "I'm just happy that I can be a part of a record that's influencing and making so many young, ambitious dancers so much money," Wale playfully told MTV News while shooting the song's video down in Miami on January 13. "It's very beneficial to so many young women across the country. The strip clubs are stress relief. Welcome to Rack City!"

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