Olivia & Funkmaster Flex Hash Out Beef In Full Interview

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

If you've seen "Pineapple Records" popping up all over Twitter today, it's not because SpongeBob SquarePants is finally releasing a mixtape. The reference is one of the many jabs between Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex and singer Olivia referenced on last night's season finale of Love & Hip-Hop 2. Flex has released the full audio of their makeup session on his official site In Flex We Trust today. In the audio interview, he admits to maligning the singer for a while.

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His main issue was Olivia's "bad energy"during a past radio interview as well as her telling then-boss 50 Cent about Flex and rapper Fat Joe (who was beefing with 50 at the time). Flex then adds that the singer was smugly "feeling herself" while she was with 50 but lost that braggadocio once she was dropped from G-Unit Records. "So if you popping that sh-- when you're with 50, you gotta back it up when you off the label," he asserts. The DJ claims he still supports her music but she needs to stop taking things so personally.

The two continue to trade some very heated words back-and-forth. "You guys are really emotional," Olivia says to Flex who counters acidly, "If my word didn't matter in this town, we wouldn't be talking about this!"

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The clip ends with a stone-faced Olivia essentially throwing up the white flag, while Flex holds his ground. "Feels good? Are we in a good place now?" he asks finally. "We cool," says Olivia flatly. Ouch.

Is the hatchet really buried?

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