Future Performs 'Tony Montana' At NFC Championship

(Future's second performance at Candle Stick Park)

By Nadeska Alexis

Despite all of Vernon Davis' tears the San Francisco 49ers couldn't clinch a win against the New York Giants to make it to Super Bowl, but hey, on the bright side, they got Future to perform "Tony Montana" at Candle Stick Park. The Atlanta rapper performed his single on Sunday night (and at the 49ers NFC playoff game against the New Orleans Saints) after the team reached out to explain that they'd been warming up to the song for months.

Future, like the 49ers, was hoping to take this effort all the way to Indianapolis but he told RapFix that he was happy to even have the chance to perform during the postseason.

“I didn’t know how much they loved ["Tony Montana"], but from my understanding they had been coming out to the song for like 8 months, working out, warming up to the song and they just made it a part of their team,” Future said, about the 49ers decision to reach out to him. “I got a call saying they wanted me to attend the football game and perform at the kickoff, and it was just an honor to be a part of it, with them trying to win the NFC and make it to the Super Bowl."

"It always helps when you’ve got the crowd’s support and it was already a major hit in the stadium. They had already been doing it for like 8 months, so they were just looking for me, he continued. "They knew the song before they knew me, they was calling me ‘Tony’--they didn’t even know my name was Future until I performed it about the third or fourth time. They just knew ‘Tony Montana,’ they didn’t know who sang it, how I looked or what my name was.”

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