Love & Hip-Hop 2 Finale: Kimbella's Pregnant, Chrissy & Mama Jones Make Up

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

In the season finale of “Love & Hip-Hop 2,” closure is largely missing but there are plenty of aww-inducing moments to keep fans satisfied. Kimbella Vanderhee updates Yandy Smith on her explosive run-in with Erica Mena from last week's episode and then springs the news that her baby daddy Juelz Santana was arrested over an argument in the parking lot and is being held on $46,000 in bail. Seems a smidge hefty for a parking lot argument, but we'll defer to the legal eagles for that one.

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In happier family times, Chrissy Lampkin and Mama Jones besty it up and share a bonding session, which reveals that Chrissy wants a baby. This news delights Mama Jones who breaks out into one of her signature song and dance numbers. Chrissy invites Mama Jones to vacation with her and Jimmy in Jamaica. Short-term amnesia must be in the air because Mama Jones performs a live version of her Chrissy dis song "Psychotic" right before the trip. In Jamaica, Chrissy and the Joneses enjoy fun in the sun including cozying up to some dolphins. Chrissy reflects on her tumultuous year but seems happy with where she is now with her man. Mama Jones interrupts this heartwarming moment by showing off a starfish she caught--which shockingly scares the usually composed Jim--saying that she's looking for a nude beach to visit. Pure comedy.

Olivia & Funkmaster Flex Hash Out Their Beef In Full Interview

Singer Olivia Longott reveals that she turned down a record deal from EMI, and manager Rich Dollaz worries about who will fund the singer's career without a label home. "I can't work these records by myself", Rich says, but Olivia is still in it to win it. "Take everything I got!" she says, giving all of herself to her career. The singer then visits Hot 97 to chat with famed DJ Funkmaster Flex who she had a run-in with in the past. Flex alleges that Olivia had "bad energy" when they first met, while Liv alleges that because she told 50 Cent that Flex was talking to his then-enemy Fat Joe, Flex in turn hated her. Huh? If someone can draw out that beef diagram, it would be very helpful. Either way, the two put their tiff to bed and hug it out.

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While Liv debates her professional future, Emily Bustamante continues to mull over with her relationship with Fabolous. Yawn. Is this still going on? Chrissy tries to knock some sense into her head about Fabolous' indiscretions but Emily remains ambivalent. "When a man truly loves a woman, he does what he has to do to keep her and keep her happy,” says Chrissy. "That's all you need. Somebody who's loyal to your heart and to your soul." Amen sister!

Kimbella reveals that her own relationship with Juelz is less than perfect. Guess Erica Mena was onto something before, huh? Kim confides in Yandy--over the best dim sum that Times Square has to offer-- that the on-off nature of her relationship has reached a breaking point and without commitment she cannot move forward. Kimbella insinuates that infidelity could be present. Instead of running for the hills, Kimbella reveals her secret pregnancy to her mother and father "I wish Juelz would just put the ring on your finger already!" Kim's mother sighs. Is this Love & Hip-Hop or Teen Mom?

In the end, optimism rules each of the women's paths (except Erica Mena and Teairra Mari who are noticeably absent from the closing montage). Emily and Kimbella are both in a standstill with their respective men but are focusing on being strong individuals and mothers regardless. Somaya Reece shows up in the 11th hour and reveals that she has a new look, new investors and is moving to Los Angeles. Go on girl! Olivia shares that she is going to continue to pursue music regardless of the obstacles while Yandy is positive about her own business ventures. Chrissy is finally at a place of peace with her family, relationship and "some" of her friendships (#shotsfired). She's planning her wedding (can we say reality spin-off?) and is looking forward to forever as Mrs. Jones.

What a season!