Love & Hip Hop 2: Kimbella Reveals Pregnancy In Finale

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Kimbella Vanderhee has a secret to confess. Juelz Santana's baby mother and sometimes vixen shares her hidden pregnancy with her mother and father in this sneak peek clip from tonight's finale episode of "Love & Hip-Hop 2." Letting on that her relationship is less-than-perfect, Kimbella admits that she is not in the most perfect situation with the Dipset rapper and that after three years, "Things aren't where I need them to be." At the time of the clip, Juelz was in police custody after being arrested on gun and weapons charges.

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Still, Kimbella hopes her parents will support her pregnancy and share her joy, but her mother is less than thrilled, responding exasperatedly, "I wish Juelz would just put the ring on your finger already!" Not quite the warm welcome Kim would have wanted. The expectant mother begins to tear up in end of the clip saying simply, "I'ma make it work."

Drama seems to follow Kimbella this season. Last week on the show, Kimbella was in full fighting mode with newcomer Erica Mena. Erica accused Kimbella of being sleazy and sleeping her way to the top in a interview which, in turn, brought the cat claws out at Erica's birthday party in Miami.

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Minor fisticuffs were thrown as were jabs like "you're not important to me!" "but you got my name in your mouth!" and "you're a f---ing monster!" "Clearly I clowned the s--- out of these girls", Erica proclaimed delightfully in the end as Kimbella and her wing woman/muscle Somaya Reese left the party.