Giants Beat 49ers, 50 Cent Wins A $500K Bet

By Nadeska Alexis (@neweryork)

Today, New York Giants fans are celebrating Eli Manning and company’s win over the San Francisco 49ers in Sunday night’s (January 22) NFC Championship game, and 50 Cent is definitely among the revelers. The Queens native tweeted throughout the game, poking fun of 49ers fans—“Look I understand how U 49ers fans feel. Get up get a drink do whatever u have to do to feel better for the moment”—eventually revealing that he’d won a $500,000 bet when the Giants won in overtime.

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“GIANTS that's all I'm gonna say. Show time hahaha,” 50 began, before letting on that he’d placed a hefty bet on the game. “I love the NEW YORK see this is life baby LMAO Man all U had to do was listen I told you were gonna win,” he wrote adding a photo of NY Yankees fitted placed next to stacks of bills in rubber bands.

Fif’s next tweet revealed exactly how much money he’d thrown down on the bet. “Yo don't give that punk no attention. if I get shot ill only get up again. just watched a 500,000 dollar foot ball game get on my level. Chump.” Then we found out where that profit would be donated—and it wasn’t Street King. “I'm giving this money to my nana she gonna faint LMAO all she do is go to the church :o)” he wrote. “Some times I hear voices in my head they tell me thing. Like bet on the GIANTS so I listen now look.”

While 50 was busy celebrating his bet, Future was probably less excited about the Giants’ win. The Atlanta rapper was tapped to perform “Tony Montana” for the 49ers at Candle Stick parks during the championship and during their battle with the New Orleans Saints in the NFC playoffs. He was hoping a 49ers win would result in a Super Bowl performance.