50 Cent Plans To Drop Two Albums In A Row


By Rob Markman

50 Cent has been fighting a very public battle with his label Interscope records over the release of his much delayed fifth studio album, and despite a recent Twitter rant in which he claimed that he would stop supporting his own music, the G-Unit CEO already has plans for his sixth album. "This time I'm not sure if I'll tour the world like I did on my last project, 'cause it makes my album cycle two years long," 50 told Forbes in a video interview. "

"I think I'd like to launch this record and come right back and launch another record following it."

50 Cent Apologizes To Interscope After Venting On Twitter

Releasing this fifth album has been a constant battle for 50. The rapper blasted Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre last summer, but later calmed his angst and made peace. Earlier this month, 50 took to Twitter and once gain blasted Interscope after a song slated for his album leaked onto the Internet. "I have lost all faith in the team I'm on," he wrote. A few days later he backed down. "Discovered a computer glitch leaked my song," 50 tweeted on January 8. "Sorry to team at Interscope for over reacting!"

50 Cent Wants To Cut Ties With Interscope Records

Whatever the holdup, there has been a noticeable gap between Fif's retail releases. His last album, Before I Self Destruct, hit shelves in November 2009 and the Queens MC has amassed so many songs since then that he has enough for two projects. "It's been three years since my last album, so I've recorded so much material that I'm really excited about trying to get those ideas to the general public so they get a chance to hear it and appreciate it," he said.

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