Rihanna Went On A Swimsuit Picture Tweeting Spree

Rihanna enjoyed some down time in Hawaii over the past week after logging some grueling hours on her “Loud” world tour, and in addition to be snapped by the paparazzi (as usual), the 23-year-old singer also shared a bit of her vacation with photos via her Twitter account. Actually, it wasn’t that she shared pictures of her vacation, so much as she shared pictures of herself…in bikinis…on her vacation. Check them out below.

Rihanna Caught On Camera Smoking Weed In Hawaii Again

Early in the week photos surfaced of Ri-Ri smoking weed, and later she tweeted her own series of pictures, while hanging with her friends in the sun. Most of them were accompanied by hashtags, including "#CAKE" for a photo of herself checking out her friend's derrière. Khloe Kardashian was entertained by the series of tweets, writing to Rihanna “Shake your t--- for this woman! LOL #MotivationBaby” to which Rihanna responded, “Haaaa!!! Come tap this,' adding another photo.