The Game Recap: Mailk’s Money Troubles In Episode 2

By Ade Mangum

Following the hour-long season premiere of “The Game” on BET last Tuesday, we were left with an overdosed supermodel sent back to rehab, a drunken ex-athlete eloping in Mexico, the KO of an ex-boyfriend...and many, many Kanye West "Lost In The World" auto-tune samples. The drama continued in episode two. While the season premiere might’ve hit us in the heart, this episode hit one particular character in the pockets.

The show opens with Malik's (former, now current) momager, Tasha, offering him a deal for 100K to appear at the bar mitzvah of J.J. Abram's son. Malik then meets with his financial consultant and discovers that even after his multimillion dollar signing deal with the NFL, he is broke. He’s told that he has to limit his spending to 25K a month. In addition to losing his old spending habits, he's forced to give up two of his vehicles. Malik compares it to "stripping a black man of his kids." Cue the laugh track.

Malik's former assistant, Tee-tee, then makes an appearance in his new Mustang sporting a license plate, aptly branded, "Wingman" after beginning a startup chicken-on-wheels company. Tee-tee asks Malik if he’s taking him out that night for his...birthday. Classic “bad timing” TV plot.

Once they get to the nightclub, Malik finds himself facing the expensive bill. $900 for a bottle of Cristal and you can’t forget to pay for the show’s cameos--that includes bottles for Estelle and the 2011 NBA Championship winner, Shawn Marion, from the Dallas Mavericks. Oh Boy! Once the party is over Malik is sitting alone in VIP and his mother has to, yet again, bail him out of trouble. She leaves him with the question. “Do you have to be every stereotype Malik?"

Melanie, the CEO of Derwin Davis Enterprises?

Over 5 seasons of “The Game,” we've seen the highs and lows of Derwin Davis' career, but Derwin has been in a good position lately. He recently fired Tasha as his manager and this week we find out that he’s re-signing with Irv. Derwin kept this from his wife, Melanie. After a slew of catch phrases, he told her that he didn't think she could "handle the truth.” Melanie threatens Derwin by withholding marital relations if she isn't a major player in his career. She is then named CEO of Derwin Davis Enterprises.

After sitting in on a meeting with Irv, Melanie finds out that former manager, Tasha, is disputing a huge Verizon deal. Later in the show, Irv and Tasha are meeting to resolve the financial dispute, and low and behold, Melanie, comes in to voice her opinion on the deal. After Melanie oversteps her boundaries and makes Tasha an offer, things up goes up in flames as she takes the deal, rolls it up, and then smokes it. Tasha gets 10 percent of the Verizon deal after showing documented proof that she set it up for Derwin. After the hearing is adjourned, Tasha suggests that Melanie should "go home. Cook your man some chicken and maybe have you a baby." Then goes in for the kill, adding, "I forgot. You can't do neither one." Ouch!

When Derwin gets home, he finally tells Melanie that she isn’t really CEO of his company. After a little fighting, they make up and they live happily ever after…until next week.