Kanye West, Serena Williams Appear In Nike's 'Kobe System' Ad

By Nadeska Alexis

Kobe Bryant’s new ad series for Nike is nothing short of entertaining. The Lakers star player enlists some of the biggest names across music and sports to promote his new sneakers, including Kanye West, Serena Williams, Aziz Ansari, United States Men's National Team soccer player Landon Donovan and even billionaire Richard Branson.

In the comical ad, Kobe enters the room via a rising platform and eventually ends up facing a room full of the aforementioned stars, college lecture style. Kobe then launches into his motivational speech on how to get on top of the game. "The Kobe System is about adaptation: attacking fast and strong," he says. "How do you know when you're in the Kobe System? Look at your feet. How do you use the system? Listen to me."

Between a reel of some of Bryant’s most memorable plays, Aziz Ansari adds a bit of humor and Kanye West even interrupts with a question, asking, “What if you’re really successful?”

Kobe’s answer: “You’re welcome.” Are you down with the Kobe System?