Rihanna Caught On Camera Smoking Marijuana In Hawaii Again

By Nadeska Alexis

Over the weekend Rihanna was photographed smoking weed (or, shall we say, a substance rolled in a cigar that is most likely weed) while vacationing in Hawaii. Queue the outraged cries over the singer being a role model and so and such forth, followed by more photos of Rih Rih smoking, paparazzi be damned. Rihanna was first snapped burning and lounging outside of her hotel room, then again while taking a solo stroll on the beach.

Even if she wasn’t aware of the paparazzi’s presence the first time around, she certainly wasn’t shy about the whole thing. Over the weekend she tweeted, “Waken…Baken…Good morning,” with a photo of the view from her hotel room, then she followed up by quoting a line from Drake’s single "Up All Night,” writing,” "Kush rolled, glass full...I prefer the better things!"

Rihanna Photographed Smoking Weed In Hawaii

Rihanna’s down time comes after the release of her recent sixth album Talk That Talk and a grueling run on her 'Loud' world tour, where the 23-year-old star was forced to cancel at least one show because of sickness, and she reportedly suffered from extreme exhaustion.

Hey Aunty Rih, for your next vacation, maybe you’d like to try some of the new strain, Blue Ivy OG?