Love & Hip Hop 2: Fights Continue, Somaya Returns In Episode 9

(Yandy Smith on Jim Jones, Chrissy, Mama Jones)

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

After two explosive bouts--between Chrissy Lampkin and Yandy Smith, and Erica Mena and Kimbella Vanderhee--in Episode 8 drama was heavy in the air for Monday night's 9th installment of "Love & Hip Hop 2."

Love & Hip-Hop 2: Chrissy, Yandy Fight In Episode 8

Following the aftermath of Chrissy and Yandy's fight, Emily Bustamante and Olivia Longott struggled to balance neutrality and remain friends with both sides. "What kind of friend are you if you can't tell her, 'homegirl you out of pocket'?" Yandy asked the duo. Several allusions to an explosive email from Yandy (in which the ex-manager aired out former client Jim Jones' financial relationship with Chrissy) were made but details remained unclear. Neither Olivia nor Emily would chose a side. Olivia's lack of bias especially infuriated the fiery Chrissy who assumed she was a close friend.

Yandy seemed to take her separation from Jim with aplomb. She conferred with uber manager Mona Scott Young, went on a spa day with Mama Jones and took a business meeting with Dipset rapper Cam'ron. Cam was very interested in working with Yandy, but how could this affect his beleaguered relationship with Jimmy (and more importantly, a new Dipset album?!)

Meanwhile, in a press day gone awry, interviewed Erica and the vixen used the opportunity to make several scrunchy faces at the camera and demean Kimbella. Despite squashing their issues previously Erica went for the jugular and delineated her superiority over Kimbella. According to Erica, Kimbella has made ample use of the rapper casting couch and her modeling is more pornography than high fashion. Tomato-tomäto.

Love & Hip Hop 2: A Proposal And A Split In Episode 7

Singer Olivia revealed a recording contract with EMI Music and struggled with manager Rich Dollaz on whether to take the offer. The three-album contract coupled with EMI's corporate restructuring alarmed Olivia and she said she would need to contemplate the decision before moving any further while Dollaz alluded that if this deal fell through, Olivia's career would go along with it.

The other half of Team Switzerland, Emily, noshed it up with Fabulous' ex-assistant Winter in hopes of gaining insight on whether she should get back together with the rapper. The pretty (and strikingly similar to Fab's so-called "type" if we take Emily and Kimbella into consideration) Winter tells Emily that Fab is her soulmate and to stick around until he is ready to commit. No word is mentioned about his rampant cheating or alleged playboy ways but hey, love is love right? Emily remains unsure but we'll take the Vegas odds that half of Fab's boxes are moved into her new place.

The episode's pièce de résistance was the comeback of Somaya Reece. The sometimes-rapper has been largely absent from this season and made her triumphant return dressed in all black garb, which some Twitter fans lovingly referred to as the "full thief" ensemble. Somaya broke the news of Erica's incendiary interview, which she found via Google Alerts (what search terms she set in her Google Alerts remains to be seen) to Kimbella and then accompanied her to Erica's birthday. Only in reality TV land do frenemies attend each other's birthday parties.

As expected, Kimbella and Erica--who didn't get the memo on how to buy a corset that properly fits--went to full cat fight mode throwing around delicious terms like "you're not important to me!", "but you got my name in your mouth!" and "you're a f---ing monster!" Minor fisticuffs were thrown but a larger throw down was thwarted by partygoers. "Clearly I clowned the s--- out of these girls", Erica proclaimed delightfully as Kimbella and Somaya walked away in the end.

With that unpleasantness out of the way, it was time to party. Cue Erica dancing and shaking her voluptuous assets until scene end. Happy birthday girl!

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