Lil Kim Loves 'The Motto,' Still Fires Shots At Drake

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Lil Kim seemed to temporarily forget her longstanding feud with Nicki Minaj, Drake and Young Money during an appearance at Club Imax in Tampa, FL over the weekend. After performing "Lighters Up" and "Magic Stick," the beleaguered rapper gave a gaggle of fans an impromptu karaoke performance of Drake's club anthem "The Motto." She shimmied about to the bouncy track, clearly in high spirits. "That was a hot ass motherf---ing joint! I can't even front on that motherf---ing bitch ass n----!" she proclaimed at one point. Even beef takes a respite to a hot song.

For those keeping track at home, the Queen Bee has been throwing disses towards Nicki Minaj and the YM cadre for some time now, most often accusing Nicki of not paying homage to her and stealing her persona. Recently Nicki was accused of swagger-jacking Kim's style in Willow Smith's "Fireball" video.

Then Kim took shots at the Young Money squad over a remix of Uncle Murda’s “Warning,” spitting a line at each member of the crew who appears on Birdman's single “Y. U. Mad" (Wayne, Nicki, Birdman).

Can't we throw on "The Motto" and all just get along?