Saigon Debuts 'I Am 4 Real' Video From 'Warning Shots 3'

Saigon - I Am 4 Real - Official Music Video from Elan Alexenberg on Vimeo.

Last week RapFix premiered Saigon's new single "I Am 4 Real," as part of the Brooklyn rapper's TNT series, which will find him releasing a new track from his upcoming mixtape, Warning Shots 3: One Foot in the Grave, every Tuesday and Thursday until its January 24th release date. Now, Sai has rolled out the visuals to accompany his single.

Exclusive: Saigon Drops 'Warning Shots 3' Mixtape Trailer

The DJ Corbett-produced “I Am 4 Real” features a menacing melody, hard-hitting drums and a choice OutKast sample on the hook. Differentiating himself from the rest of the rap pack, Giddy spits, “I told n---as once I start, they kid got skills,” before taking a pause, giving way to a Andre 3000 vocal sample from Kast’s 2000 hit “Ms. Jackson.”

On “I Am 4 Real” Saigon delivers the granite-hard lyrics which made him a beloved lyricist, and then he mixes it with just a touch of melody. “Motherf—ker I’m real, I got the hood on smash b--ch/ This song gonna get a lot of n---as ass kicked,” Sai spits in a sing-songy style on the first verse.