Comedian Rob Ryan Spoofs Jay-Z's 'Glory': 'Lenox Hill Glory'

By Nadeska Alexis

Back in 2010 comedian Rob Ryan spoofed Jay-Z’s hit single “Empire State of Mind,” spinning it into “Newark State of Mind,” and for his encore, the entertainer has done a little work on “Glory,” the tribute Hov track penned for his first child with Beyonce. Blue Ivy Carter was born at NYC’s Lenox Hill hospital on January 7, and plenty of reports alleged that the couple rented an entire floor of the hospital, preventing other parents from seeing their newborns. This gave Ryan enough material to create a new spoof for BlackBook.

Jay-Z Dedicates 'Glory' Song To Baby Blue Ivy Carter

“The most amazing I feel, is closing down floor 6 of Lenox Hill," Ryan begins, spinning Hov's words on the original track. "Baby I blocked the ICU, it’s a pretty jerk move its true…true..sorry. Locked doors and blocked wards, reinforced by my security guards, didn’t want people seeing, I made sure there was not a human being. This day belongs to hova, so all babies go move on ova.”

On "Glory," which Jay-Z released only two days after his daughter's birth, he vowed to teach her a thing or two about swag, rapping, “Bad ass lil Hov, two years old shopping on Saville Row,” he raps. “Wicked ass Lil B, hard not to spoil you rotten looking like little me...You don’t yet know what swag is, but you was made in Paris and mama woke up the next day and shot an album package.”

Blue Ivy Carter: Jay-Z's Baby Name Is Also His Favorite Color

Later that week, Blue Ivy Carter became the youngest person to ever debut on the Billabord charts, since she was official listed as a feature on "Glory."