Beef To BFFs: Common, Drake Make Nice In Parody

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

"Imagine all the people/Sharing all the world,” John Lennon sang on his 1971 classic "Imagine.” The good-humored folks at Egotripland have flipped this anthem for peace and harmony in a series of hilarious vignettes featuring Common and Drake. What would the world be like had the two rappers not become involved in their recent and highly publicized imbroglio via Rick Ross' track "Stay Schemin"? Nothing but roughly Photoshopped smiles.

A Timeline Of Drake, Common Beef: 'Sweet' To 'Stay Schemin'

From kayaking and biking in the Canadian wilderness to noshing on Ben & Jerry's (while ostensibly catching up on a recent episode of "Hell on Wheels") and even cuddling up with puppies, these two bosom buddies couldn't make a cuter pair. In the clip, the awww-inducing besties seem to have forgotten all about tennis star Serena Williams while they split a can of Canada Dry through long Krazy straws, putting to bed that pesky little dis where Common happened to call Drake “Canada Dry.

The video ends with the bold statement "Dream. Believe. Take Care,” a nod to the rappers' respective album titles, but it’s also an optimistic message about the future. John Lennon would have been proud.