Young Vito Denied Bond In Slim Dunkin Murder Case

By Nadeska Alexis

The prime suspect in the murder of Atlanta rapper Slim Dunkin has been denied bond. Young Vito (born Vinson Hardimon) was summoned to court on Tuesday (December 10) to face murder and gun possession charges, then he returned to the Fulton County Jail. Homicide detective David Quinn told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution it’s now confirmed that Hardimon was at the scene of the crime. “His laptop was left behind with his name on it,” Quinn said. “And his name was on the dry-erase board as next up to rap.”

Hardimon has been in custody since December when police issued a warrant for his arrest. He is being fingered as the man who fired the fatal shot at Slim Dunkin (born Mario Hamilton) after getting into an argument that began over a piece of candy.

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Hardimon surrendered himself to police around 2p.m. on Monday (December 26) and shortly afterwards he was taken to the Fulton jail. Det. Quinn told the AJC that Hardiom’s appearance had changed since the day of the shooting, noting that he had nixed his dreadlocks and gotten rid of both his mustache and goatee. The detective also added that each of Hardimon’s previous arrests--with at least four on record--involved weapons charges.

Slim Dunkin was an emerging star in Waka Flocka Flame's Brick Squad Monopoly crew. Aside from key appearances alongside Flocka on his 2010 debut album, Flockaveli, and on Gucci Mane and V-Nasty's BAYTL LP, Slim was also beginning to make waves as a soloist. In October he released Menace II Society, a 20-track mixtape that featured Gucci Mane, Roscoe Dash and Pastor Troy.