Snoop Dogg Addresses Waka Flocka's Wiz Khalifa Dis

(Snoop on a recent episode of "The Price is Right")

By William E. Ketchum III

Rap veteran Snoop Dogg is looking to play peacemaker in a rift that includes his recent partner-in-rhyme, Wiz Khalifa. Waka Flocka Flame hurled insults at Wiz in a recent interview, saying acts like the Pittsburgh MC "hype their way to the top" and "don't respect the real." Wiz has ignored the comments, but Snoop came to his defense in an appearance on Big Boy's Neighborhood radio show.

"I'ma holla at Waka Flocka. That's where big Uncle Snoop come in at, 'cause we ain't about that negativity and none of that beef. We too old for that," Snoop said. "I'ma snatch him up by the collar and say, 'Look here, partna. You got somethin' to say to Wiz, get at him personally.' We peaceful. We on nothing but peace right now."

Waka Flocka Says Wiz Khalifa Is All Hype

Snoop has been making headlines in recent weeks for his appearance on “The Price Is Right” and weed charges in Texas, but he also has a new album with Wiz titled "Mac and Devin Go To High School." The disc is the soundtrack to an upcoming film of the same name, that stars both rappers-turned-actors. Wiz, meanwhile, appeared on the new single “Fame,” which his girlfriend Amber Rose dropped this week.

"I love Wiz 'cause he got the right spirit that Hip Hop needs," Snoop said. "Too much negativity in the industry that always overwhelms his kind of spirit, and I'm here to let people know that this is the right kind of spirit."