Maino Releases His '2012 Predictions' Track

By Rob Markman

A week after he brought his psychic powers to “RapFix Live” Maino drops his “2012 Predictions” song. While on “RFL” the Brooklyn MC dropped a couple of jewels for Sway, predicting that President Obama would win the 2012 election and serve a second presidential term. He also revealed his vision of a love triangle between himself, Katy Perry and Rihanna.

On the new track Maino continues to gaze into his crystal ball. “0-11 is dead, let me share a couple visions that I got in my head,” he raps on the three minute track. The “Hi Hater” spitter keeps some of his “RFL” predictions intact. “New year I’m a wizard again/ F--k that, I see Obama winning again,” he spits before guessing that Chris Brown and Rihanna would get back together, making no mention of where he or Katy Perry will end up in all of this.

Maino appeared to be on a familiar path, guessing the outcome of different celebrity’s lives. He has been releasing these prediction-themed songs since 2009. On his “2011 Predictions” the rapper successfully guessed that Lindsay Lohan would have relapsing bouts with alcohol and that Jay-Z and Kanye West would sell over a million records together as the Throne. Halfway through this new track however, Maino switches gears, stops the beat and begins to make predictions pertaining to only him, electing not to comment on the fortune of others.

“All I see is skinny b---hes, goin’ skinny-dipping in my swimming pool/ Boss sh--, park the Lamborghini in my living room,” he saw in his own future. Main went on to predict that he’d own a diamond the size of a table spoon and even foresaw his own death. Before his final days however Maino promises to live everyday like it is his last.

Well, RapFix sees another platinum single in Maino’s future. Day After Tomorrow coming soon.

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