Love & Hip-Hop 2: Chrissy, Yandy Fight In Episode 8

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By Tamara Palmer

Following last week’s unexpected wedding proposal on VH1's "Love & Hip Hop 2," rapper Jim Jones had one more great surprise in store for his fiancé Chrissy Lampkin. After watching the lead up to him popping the question, plus Chrissy’s tearful acceptance, we learn--along with Chrissy--that a whole room full of her friends and family were brought down to Miami to celebrate their second and most official engagement to date. “It’s like the princess kissing the frog,” Jim explained. “I’ve got my own fairy tale going on.” And, this time, even his cantankerous Mama Jones seems like she won’t stand in the way of happily ever after.

“He put his ego aside, he put his persona aside, and he put our love first,” Chrissy said. “And I will forever love him for that.”

Meanwhile, Kimbella Vanderhee seemed a step closer to dealing with her troubled childhood by telling her mother that she really could’ve used guidance when it came to dealing with relationships. Later, when she met with Erica Mena (see: bloody catfight in episode six) at the request of Yandy Smith, Kimbella seemed calmer and ready to apologize and move on, though there’s little chance these two will ever be best friends.

Love & Hip Hop 2: A Proposal And A Split In Episode 7

Despite moving into her own place, Emily Bustamante confessed to Teairra Mari that she hopes her break with rapper Fabolous, the father of her son and on-again, off-again boyfriend of nine years, isn’t permanent. Emily said that Fab has been making changes for the better since she took the initiative to leave.

In the continuing pursuit to revive her singing career, Olivia Longott went to visit the studio of Rico Love, who has produced hits for Beyoncé (“Sweet Dreams”), Kelly Rowland (“Motivation”), and Usher (“There Goes My Baby”), among others. He, like Olivia’s manager Rich Dollaz and countless others, told Olivia that she needs to put more emotional honesty into her music in order for people to connect with her. She appeared to finally process the advice, but by the time she was shown singing a sad song with a smile on her face, Rico told Rich that he would be reluctant to work with her unless she was prepared to show her true self.

Love & Hip Hop 2: A Bloody Catfight In Episode 6

In the episode’s pivotal scene, Yandy shocked Teairra and Olivia by walking into a Miami club with Kimbella and Erica. But the real explosion came when Yandy came face-to-face with Chrissy for the first time since Yandy said she intended to quit as Jim Jones’ manager. Chrissy said that Yandy was about to be fired, and sent a disrespectful email to Jim that blended personal and professional matters. Voices were raised as soon as they started talking, and soon a scuffle was taking place as Yandy said she earned her money while Chrissy slept with Jim for hers.

(Yandy Smith on Jim Jones, Chrissy, Mama Jones)

“I think she ran and kicked me,” said Yandy, as Chrissy was on the phone with Jim saying that he needed to come soon before she killed Yandy.

'Love & Hip-Hop's' Yandy Smith On Jim Jones, Chrissy, Mama Jones

Producers led Yandy out the back door of the club as Chrissy angrily waited for her in the front. After ranting about Chrissy’s diamond being fake and on an installment plan, Yandy said that no one affiliated with Jim likes Chrissy and that she hopes Chrissy never so much as looks her way again. Chrissy said basically the same thing, with a few extra profanities for good measure.

Hopefully, fans aren’t tired of the girl fights, because a sneak peek at episode nine shows more trouble ahead for Kimbella and Erica. (We told you they’d never be besties).