Exclusive: Saigon Samples Outkast On "I Am 4 Real"

By Rob Markman

Saigon’s built his career as being one of the realest rappers out and on the first single to his upcoming mixtape Warning Shots 3: One Foot in the Grave, Giddy reaffirms his position in rap. The DJ Corbett-produced “I Am 4 Real” features a menacing melody, hard-hitting drums and a choice OutKast sample on the hook. Differentiating himself from the rest of the rap pack, Giddy spits, “I told n---as once I start, they kid got skills,” before taking a pause, giving way to a Andre 3000 vocal sample from Kast’s 2000 hit “Ms. Jackson.”

On “I Am 4 Real” Saigon delivers the granite-hard lyrics which made him a beloved lyricist, and then he mixes it with just a touch of melody. “Motherf—ker I’m real, I got the hood on smash b--ch/ This song gonna get a lot of n---as ass kicked,” Sai spits in a sing-songy style on the first verse.

Much of Giddy’s angst is aimed at fake MCs who more often than not rhyme about a street lifestyle that they don’t necessarily live. “The reason I ain’t pull out the fully/ ’Cause these n---as so p---y, I just feel like a bully,” he remarks.

It was Giddy’s original Warning Shots tape in 2004 which made him one of hip-hop’s top prospects and based off the aggression and lyricism displayed on “I Am 4 Real” WS3 looks to be a return to form.

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