Lil Wayne Rolls Out Ep 2 Of 'Weezy's Sports Corner'

WEEZY's SPORTS CORNER 1/08/12 1 OF 8 INTRO from DERICK G on Vimeo.

By Nadeska Alexis

For the first installment of his new web series “Weezy’s Sports Corner,” which premiered on December 24, Lil Wayne released seven separate videos, dividing his commentary across different categories. Although he covered NFL matchups, college football, college basketball and more, the NBA was a focal point of his commentary, since the season kicked off on Christmas Day. NBA star Chris Paul was Weezy's first guest, after being traded to the Los Angeles Clippers and for episode two he shifts focus to the NFL. His latest guest is San Francisco 49ers player, Aldon Smith, who is gearing up to take on Wayne's hometown team, the New Orleans Saints, in next week's playoff game.

This week Weezy dons a T-shirt from his new skateboard clothing line Trukfit, while he talks sports. Find all eight clips here.

WEEZY's SPORTS CORNER 1/08/12 NBA 2 OF 8 from DERICK G on Vimeo.