Lil Wayne Tips Stripper $1,000 For Winning Boxing Match

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By Jolie Sanchez

Rappers are known stripper enthusiasts, but Lil Wayne took things to a new level during a recent rendezvous at Miami’s King of Diamonds strip club. In addition to spending around $30,000 over the course of an evening, Lil Wayne, possibly tired of the basic pole and dance routine, treated one stripper to a $1,000 tip after she beat out her opponent in a ring fight.

The dancers whipped out the fighting gloves for a full-blown boxing match as onlookers gathered around a lively Wayne, who attempted to narrate the festivities. When the fight was over, Lil Wayne handed the winner a Ziploc bag full of cash (after counting it to make sure the sum was correct).

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen rappers go cash crazy at King of Diamonds, which plays host to some of the most generous spenders exotic dancers have ever seen. In 2011 Ricky Rozay and Diddy made headlines for reportedly blowing a million dollars in cash at the venue. While variations of the dollar amount circulated, video footage still serves proof that the two were definitely making it rain.

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