Jimmy Kimmel Makes 'Donda' Commercial With Kanye West Tweets

By Nadeska Alexis

If you haven't put in an application for a position in Kanye West's new company DONDA, just yet, then what else are you really doing? Ye announced his latest creative enterprise during a 3-hour tweeting spree on Wednesday night (January 4), naming it after his late mother Donda West--"I have started a new company and I'm so excited about the name.... it's got the best name ever of all companies of all time!!!"--and the world is pretty excited about it. So excited, in fact, that Jimmy Kimmel used a series of Kanye's tweets to make his very own ad for DONDA on his show last night.

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Here's a little more background information on DONDA, from Kanye's tweets: The name of the company is DONDA. DONDA is a design company which will galvanize amazing thinkers and put them in a creative space to bounce there dreams and ideas... I am assembling a team of architects, graphic designers, directors musicians, producers, AnRs, writers, publicist, social media experts... DONDA will be comprised of over 22 divisions with a goal to make products and experiences that people want and can afford...want to put creatives in a room together with like minds that are all waaaay doper than me. We want to help simplify and aesthetically improve everything we see hear, touch, taste and feel. ...To dream of, create, advertise and produce products driven equally by emotional want and utilitarian need.. To marry our wants and needs. Donda.

Ready to submit your application now? "email us at contactDONDA@gmail.com. Do it.