Love & Hip Hop 2: A Proposal And A Split In Episode 7

Love And Hip Hop

By Tamara Palmer

The producers of “Love and Hip Hop 2” correctly assumed that the audience probably could not handle watching any fisticuffs (aka insane brawls) this week after episode six’s bloody catfight between Kimbella and new unofficial cast member Erica, but there was still plenty of action in episode seven. When Yandy sat Kimbella down to ask her why she instigated the physical fight with Erica by throwing her wine glass, Kimbella began to open up about her childhood.

Kimbella explained why Erica’s comment about the father of her child, rapper Juelz Santana, cheating set her off. “My upbringing was crazy,” she revealed. “My dad, he had children by other women and I saw the hell that [my mother] had to go through, and I always said I would never be that woman. I’m really mad at my mom and I don’t think she even knows that, ‘You didn’t teach me nothing.’ Everything that I know is from me raising myself.”

Love & Hip Hop 2: A Bloody Catfight In Episode Six

Meanwhile, as Chrissy continued to wonder when rapper Jim Jones, her boyfriend of seven years, will put a ring on it, his manager Yandy articulated a widening rift between herself and her star client stemming from her tension with Chrissy. Ultimately, Yandy’s last word in the episode is that she quit, but did she really? We’re not exactly holding our breath.

Kimbella Talks Fight With Chrissy Lampkin On 'Love & Hip-Hop' Premiere

In happier scenes, it was a satisfying ending to watch Jim Jones finally make like Spike Lee and do the right thing by surprising Chrissy with a marriage proposal (and a very large ring) while she was on a getaway to Miami (prompted by Olivia having a singing appearance). But we want to know: Why didn’t he get down on one knee and do it the right way?

There might have been a break from the brawls in this episode, but you better believe they’ll be making a grand return in episode eight.

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