D12 Rapper Bizarre Gets A Tattoo Of Nicki Minaj

By William E. Ketchum III

Bizarre has always turned heads with his over-the-top lyrics (and for wearing a shower cap in music videos and photo shoots), but he made a more permanent statement this week. Less than a month after he confessed his obsession for Nicki Minaj in a RapFix interview and a music video entitled “Hey Nicki,” he got a tattoo of the Young Money bombshell inked on his left bicep.

D12's Bizarre Professes Love For Nicki Minaj In 'Hey Nicki'

“Check this out, Nicki. I did this for you, and only you. Here goes the world exclusive, this is how much I love you,” he said, while referencing to Nicki as his wife and himself as her husband. “And I will eat your p----, for life.” The video then switches to a shirtless Bizarre, sitting in a filled bathtub and wearing a curly pink wig and sunglasses. “Taking a nice little bubble bath, thinking about you,” he continued. “2012, that’s our year.”

In the next scene, Bizarre shows the finished tattoo on his arm, and footage of his tattoo artist Brooklyn Payne using a photograph of Nicki to ink the design. Bizarre tweeted and says “#weirdomovement” several times in the video, and he certainly fits the bill.

Bizarre is most known as a standout member of D12, the Eminem-led group whose debut album D12 World gave Shady Records a platinum plaque in the early 2000s. The group has been a lot less visible since the 2006 shooting death of prominent member Proof, but they managed to release a mixtape in April entitled Return of the Dozen. Bizarre told RapFix that the next D12 album will hit stores in 2012, and his own mixtape, Life As A Backup Dancer For Hammer, is slated for a January release.