MTV2’s Guy Code: T.I. Shares His Idea Of A Good-Ass Night


(T.I.'s idea of a good-ass night)

The latest episode of MTV2’s Guy Code premieres Tuesday night (December 27) and T.I. makes an appearance to share his idea of a good-ass night. “My idea of a good ass night would be good food, good parties, good drinking, and doing everything you want till the sun come sup,” Tip explains. “Everything you could possibly want to do--and still make it home in one peace without getting arrested. That’s a good ass night.” Note: not getting arrested is key.

On the inaugural episode of Guy Code, J. Cole was one of the featured guests, reflecting on his partying days in college, his pre-partying rituals (college kids are broke), flirting with the ladies, and—of course—getting the girl, in his idea of a good ass-night.

Lessons you might’ve missed from Guy Code:

» Man-Scaping: Shaving is good as long as you still look like a man. But, men, you should never discuss this with the bros…ever.

» Sexting: Is a very touchy subject. Never over do it, and as far as “junk mail” goes, play it by ear. Some girls like the freaky pics, and some think it’s extremely lame.

» Bottle Service: The question is whether or not you should pre-game before going out in order to save money, or just give in order an over-priced bottle to impress the ladies and your friends. The overall consensus was that if you got it you should flaunt it, but if you don’t, then frontin’ ain’t cool.