T.I. Gets Studio Time With Dr. Dre In Mixtape Trailer

By Nadeska Alexis

Before T.I. finally unveils his eighth studio album Trouble Man, the Atlanta rapper will drop the new mixtape F-- Da City Up on New Year’s Day. To tease the upcoming release Tip put out a mixtape trailer on December 20 and this week he followed up with a new clip, which finds him hobnobbing in the studio with Dr. Dre.

In the 50 second black-and-white clip T.I. is filmed as he records, while Dr. Dre hangs out, listening to the new music.

T.I. On His Decision To Drop New Year's Day Mixtape

Early in December, before making the official announcement on his Twitter account, T.I. told MTV News that he put a lot of thought into the idea of releasing a mixtape before his studio album. “I’m flirting with the idea of putting out a mixtape, and I haven’t completely decided but that’s definitely not for a lack of material,” he said. “The problem is that when I do a mixtape, I dive all the way in. I put so much stuff on there [mixtapes] and people say—no! hold that for the album, but I put it on there anyway so I’ve got to really wrap my mind around that idea.”


(T.I. on dropping a new mixtape)

“I’m going to continue to present music and every time I present music, please don't get hung up on whether or not it’s a single,” he added. “Just listen to the music and enjoy it, okay? That’s all i ask. Don’t try and lock me down and force me to commit to one song or another—because I’ve got a lot of songs. Just listen to the music and enjoy it. There should be no commitment when it comes to music, we should be free to listen to as much music as much as we like.”