Drake Sports An Aaliyah Tattoo On His Back

By William E. Ketchum III

Drake was upset with the Los Angeles-based tattoo artist who penned his name on a woman’s forehead, but it looks like he has no trouble getting ink to commemorate a star of his own liking. A photo of what many are reporting as Drake (shirtless on a tennis court with some friends) made weekend rounds on the Net. Though Drake’s face isn’t visible in the photo, a tattoo with a striking image of R&B star Aaliyah appears on the left side of his back.

Woman Tattoos Drake's Name Across Her Forehead

Drizzy has previously shown his affinity for the singer/actress, who died in a fatal plane crash in August 2001, in several ways. He wore an earpiece with an Aaliyah portrait at his concerts, references her life in his own music, and even wrote a letter for Aaliyah on last year’s anniversary of her death.

Earlier this month, a photo surfaced of a woman who got Drake’s name tattooed on her forehead. A video interview last week saw Drake voicing a desire to meet the fan and hear why she got the tattoo, but he lashed out at the Los Angeles tattoo artist who inked the design.

Drake Addresses Fan's Forehead Tattoo, Threatens Artist

“The guy who tatted it is a f---ing asshole, though. I will tell you that," Drake said. "I don’t f--- with that guy. F--- you to that tat artist by the way, because you’re an a--hole, for real. And you should lose your job, and you shouldn’t do tattoos again. I don’t f--- with you, and if I ever see you, I’ll f--- you up.”