Consequence And Q-Tip Bury Their Beef

Christmas in Hollis just got a lot merrier. Queens rapper Consequence can now peacefully usher in the New Year after he buried his beef with cousin Q-Tip following months of fighting within the family. Cons confirmed the union sending out a statement along with a photo of the two alongside Cons' newborn child. "After a very intense & extensive meeting, Q-Tip & myself have resolved our public & private issues," Consequence said in a statement. "With so many manufactured "beefs" in Hip-Hop, this situation was very real and shows that their can be resolution through humility & dialogue. Check out this pic of us welcoming my son Caiden into our historic fold."

Earlier this year Cons visited RapFix Live and unleashed his issues with Tip along with former mentor Kanye West. According to Consequence, he blamed Q-Tip and West for failing to support his music career.

"As a man, you can't hang your fate on no other man, but when you think the man is your brother and you talk about every other single situation known to man, you would think it would dawn on somebody to say, 'Hey, let me make sure this all right, let me make sure my guy is good.' If I'm not your guy, that's fine; let's just have clarity on it."

Following the release of a dis record aimed at both men, Consequence revealed that he spoke with Kanye and patched things up via an email exchange.

"I hit him, and he hit me back with one of those all-caps tirades," he said. "He was pissed and rightfully so. And I was pissed and that's why things happened the way they happened. ... He spoke his piece, I spoke my piece, and he told me he loved me. And the feud is over with Kanye."