Shawty Lo Hospitalized For Diabetes Manager Confirms


By William E. Ketchum III

On Wednesday, MediaTakeOut reported that Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo was hospitalized due to his struggle with diabetes. After most of the day’s reports went unconfirmed, Shawty Lo’s camp addressed the interview in a statement to RapFix. "We appreciate the outpouring of concern and prayers. Shawty Lo was hospitalized yesterday,” his manager Johnnie Cabbell said.

“He suffers from Diabetes and had to seek immediate medical attention, although he is now resting and doing well,” Cabbell continued. “He will be able to fulfill his scheduled upcoming performances and appearances."

Lo is best known for his 2008 single “Dey Know,” but his career took a new direction this summer, when he signed a joint deal with 50 Cent. In a June interview with MTV, he confirmed 50’s tweets that he will be the head of his own label D4L Records, which will be “powered by G-Unit” for overhead costs. 50 Cent calls the signing format “50’s new 50/50,” and Shawty Lo sees it as an alternative to the usual “360 deal,” in which a label offers financial support in return for a percentage of all of an artist’s income.

"I just felt like 50 would be the best situation for me, man, because my life story came from where my life story came from: turning a negative into a positive," he explained. "It feels like it's familiar with 50's life. That's why I ran with him. Another label could've offered me five times what 50 offered me. I just feel like 50 was the perfect opportunity for me."