The Throne Performed 'N---as In Paris' For 613.2 Minutes This Year

By Henna Kathiya

Watch the Throne’s anthemic single “Ni--as in Paris” has been the biggest hit from the album, topping the charts and dominating radio and live shows. The track has clearly become a signature for the duo, who performed it three times in New York, six times in Miami, ten times in Los Angeles, and finally for their last show in Vancouver, they trumped their record with eleven straight performances, which seemed only fitting for closing out the tour. That’s a whole lot of Ni--as in Paris and according to Rolling Stone, The Throne performed the song for a grand total of 613.2 minutes throughout the WTT tour.

Given the amount of times the song was performed, RS began measuring everything in “Ni--a’s In Paris” (NOP) time. In that time you can watch 26.7 episodes of Full House, 194 minutes of Titanic, as well as 705 minutes of Band of Brothers miniseries. Even further number crunching gives us these facts:

4.94: Average number of times "Paris" played, per night.

18: Minutes, on average, per date.

40:25: Running time, in minutes, of "Paris" in Vancouver, after being played 11 times.

134: Total times Jay-Z said, "Again!"

1,680: "Don't let me get in my zone"-s.

2,856: "Ball so hard"-s.

652,200: Estimated number of Watch the Throne tour tickets sold.

That sh—t’s cray, or in “NOP” time, that sh—t’s cray 2,184 times. Leave it to Yeezy and Jay to play a song that many times and still have the crowd rocking along regardless of the fact that they’ve spent the past 40 minutes listening to it.