Love & Hip-Hop: Emily B Clears Up Fabolous, Adrienne Bailon Rumors


(Kimbella on the fight at Emily B's party)

By Shakira Atitebi

Fabulous’ past public appearances with actress and singer Adrienne Bailon have stirred up plenty of talk claiming that the two were an item while the rapper dated ex-girlfriend Emily B, but the Love & Hip-Hop star says it ain’t so. During an interview with The Loop 21 Emily B put the rumors to rest about Fab and Adrienne’s relationship, saying that they’re just friends.

According to Emily, they are all close fiends and Adrienne is currently in a romantic relationship. The Love & Hip-Hop 2 star even added that Adrienne will hang with her for the holidays. "We’ve been friends for years. We’re all friends. I think that when you see Fab and you see Adrienne, they’re both celebrities so you automatically assume that they’re together, but he’s actually friends with her boyfriend,” Emily explained. “And I won’t reveal her business. We were always together and that’s how that misconception started, but she is not dating Fab. I actually feel bad for her at this point because she can’t get rid of it, but we laugh at it. She comes to my house on Christmas..."

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Fabulous’ relationships have been a hot topic since the season premiere when a fight occurred during a party hosted by Emily, as she commemorated the end of her nine-year relationship with the rapper. The fight was prompted when Kimbella, another cast member, revealed publicly that she dated Fabulous while Emily B was pregnant with his son. Emily kept her cool after hearing the news but Chrissy Lampkin and Kimbella ended up in a wrestling match.


(Chrissy Lampkin on fighting with Kimbella)

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Kimbella told MTV News that she didn't anticipate such a heated reaction from Chrissy and maintained that she made the right decision by revealing the news when she did. "I didn't come at [Emily B] maliciously. I had good intentions and I wasn't there to hurt anyone or take anything from anyone,” Kimbella told MTV News. “I could've taken her aside to tell her that privately, but I felt like in the moment, Emily was so proud that she was leaving [Fab], and I was just in that moment with her.”