Watch: Young Jeezy's 'Hustlerz Ambition,' Narrated By Samuel L. Jackson


(Jeezy's "Hustlerz Ambition" PT 1)

By Henna Kathiya

Young Jeezy’s fourth LP Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition will finally debut on December 20 and the Atlanta rapper shares his journey to success in the accompanying documentary A Hustlerz Ambition. Jeezy gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at his music and his personal life, with narration from Samuel L. Jackson and interviews with Diddy, T.I., Jay-Z and more. Click the play button for a fresh perspective on the ‘trap rap’ genre.

(Jeezy's "Hustlerz Ambition" PT 2)


On his reason for making music: “I make my music for my people. Music is like a universal language and what we got going is like a code, a street code. It’s for those that speak it and for those that understand it."

(Jeezy's "Hustlerz Ambition" PT 3)


On his album's features: “I’ve got everybody pretty much from Maine to Spain. I extended my hand to a couple of the up and coming cats in Atlanta to help put this CD back together,” Snowman said.

(Jeezy's "Hustlerz Ambition" PT 4)


On his ambitions: “I don’t look at things like they’re mine. The things that I’ve accumulated don’t mean shit. I want things that are on the other side. I want the name, I want the respect.”

(Jeezy's "Hustlerz Ambition" PT 5)


(Jeezy's "Hustlerz Ambition" PT 6)


Look out for Jeezy’s album on December 20.