Mary J. Blige Nominated For A Golden Globe

By Henna Kathiya

Mary J. Blige already has more Grammy trophies than she can count, but soon she might be able to add a Golden Globe to her collection. The nine-time Grammy award winning singer received a nomination for Best Original Song for "The Living Proof," which appears in "The Help." MJB is up against fellow diva Madonna who was also nominated in the same category for her song ‘Masterpiece’ in the film "W.E."

This may not be the only Golden Globe nomination in MJB’s future. She’s starring in the upcoming film adaptation of the Broadway Musical "Rock of Ages" as Justice Charlier, the owner of a gentlemen’s club that’s in jeopardy of going out of business due to local protest.

Even while brushing up on her acting chops she managed to put out her 10th album, <em>My Life II…The Journey Continues, which debuted November 21st and charted at number five on the Billboard Top 200 in its first week.