Wiz Khalifa Loses His Cool In Snoop Dogg Movie 'Mac & Devin'


By Rob Markman

Wiz Khalifa is the king of cool. The head of the Taylor Gang, with all of his tattoos, weed anthems and energetic stage show seems to have emerged as the leader of a new generation of party animals. But rather than play that same character in his first acting gig, Khalifa switched it up for his and Snoop Dogg’s upcoming film “Mac & Devin Go to High School.” "I'm super square in the movie," Wiz told MTV News, laughing backstage at his and Snoop's New York concert last week.

"I'm a square in the movie, and I pretty much maintain that squareness. I mean, I walk on the wild side, I do some cool things, but I tapped into my nerdy side."

Though the "Mac & Devin" soundtrack hit stores Tuesday, the stoner comedy won't be out until February. According to Wiz, it wasn't as difficult for him to turn down his cool for the camera. "That's kind of who I am as a real person too; I was really reserved," Khalifa said about his high school days at Taylor Allderdice High in Pittsburgh. "I was really fall-backish, so I can totally connect with my character Devin in the movie. It was real easy."

Fans got their first real glimpse of Wiz as Devin in the duo's "Young, Wild & Free" video. In the clip which mixes movie scenes with performance footage, Wiz's character is seen wandering through the school halls looking extremely studious with his shirt buttoned all the way to the top. It was quite the transformation.

"I had to do makeup every day to cover my tattoos. I had to spray my hair to get the blond out, but it was cool. It was an experience, and it was really, really fun to be a novice at acting, be brand-new and then have to learn," Khalifa said. "I watched the movie, and I can actually see myself getting better in the movie."

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