Amber Rose Wants A 'Bunch Of Babies' With Wiz Khalifa


(Amber Rose and Wiz talk marriage on VMAs red carpet)

By Henna Kathiya

Over the next few years, Amber Rose is hoping to become a singer and a mother. The former video vixen is currently a spokesperson for Smirnoff Vodka, and a judge on BET’s Master of the Mix, but she’s also exploring an acting career, working on her sunglasses line, prepping her first solo single and hoping to start a family with Wiz Khalifa.

The blonde beauty is pretty serious about her singing career, telling StyleCaster, "I showed Wiz some things I'd written down and he really encouraged me to pursue it. I'm taking this really seriously – I even quit smoking just so I could improve my voice."

Amber knows that with a venture as daring as starting a singing career, she’ll have to deal with a few naysayers. She certainly doesn’t’ expect everyone to be on board with her dream. "I already know when the first single drops the haters will have their own opinions, but my fans (almost 900,000 strong on Twitter who she refers to as her "rosebuds" and "rosestuds") will be there for me,” she said.

It doesn’t hurt that her boyfriend is a Grammy nominated rapper, and in addition to her musical ambition, Rose foresees a happy ending for her and Wiz. "Acting, making music, getting married, being with Wiz on a tour bus with a bunch of babies," she said. "I even want to write a romance novel. There's nothing I'm not afraid to try."