Mary J. Blige Says Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj Beef Fueled By Crews

By William E. Ketchum III

Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim have traded blatant and “subliminal” jabs at each other over the past year, but the “Queen of Hip Hop Soul,” Mary J. Blige, thinks that the two should resolve their differences. "Kim is my friend and I love and respect Nicki, just met her and got to know the young lady and she's a sweetheart. But it’s people putting fuel in it," Blige said in an interview on The Morning Riot show at WGCI Chicago.

"It's the crews [fueling it.] It's the people behind the whole thing. Maybe one day [a track with all three of us] will happen. I'm hoping. We just all got to think positive,” Blige continued. “Everyone is just thinking so negative about it and everyone is in it, but if a bunch of people would say, 'Yo, stop this and let's help these girls do something together or to see the light.'"

Throughout the rest of the interview, Blige talks about maintaining her relationship with her husband, clears up comments made about wishing she had parents like Beyonce’s and more.

The tension between the two emcees has been a building up over the years. Elements of Nicki’s image—such as her multicolored wigs and her bra and panties-clad promo poster for her 2008 mixtape Sucka Free—were admittedly inspired by Kim, but Kim accused Nicki of stealing her style and passively disrespecting her. The beef resulted in and continued to be fueled by songs such as Lil Kim’s “Black Friday” and Minaj’s “Roman’s Revenge.” Recent releases, including Kim's November freestyle over Uncle Murda's “Warning,” have kept the beef going.