Eminem Turned Down $6 Million Festival Offer

By Carly Kilroy

You know you’ve really made it in the game, when you can turn down a $6 million gig. That’s exactly what Eminem did this month when he was approached by Big Day Out promoter Ken West about headlining the annual music festival, which travels around cities in both Australia and New Zealand. “It was la la land to think he could ever do the Big Day Out, even though we offered $6 million," West confessed to the New Zealand Herald.

Slim Shady is no stranger to the land down under. He had two performances there earlier this month in both Sydney and Melbourne. It was the first time in ten years that Mathers had added Australia to his tour list. He even had an intimate moment with his Melbourne fans, confessing that he couldn’t remember his 2001 tour due to his battle with drugs. “Tonight I'm gonna remember this sh-t this time,” he told the crowd. Now that he’s healthy and sober again, Eminem has the freedom of picking where and when he wants to perform.

Eminem’s offer decline isn’t the only blow that BDO has suffered while trying to put their 2012 show together. They’ve had artists such as Blink182 and Prince request a spot in the festival, but not be able to confirm in time. "We got asked over a year ago by Prince's representation to say, 'We really want to do the Big Day Out.’ At the same time we had Blink 182 chasing us for a year, saying, this'll get Travis (Barker) on a plane—neither happened. It just kept going to the end of the line and nobody ever really said, 'No'."

Big Day Out recently dropped Odd Future from their lineup due to local outcry over the group’s homophobic lyrics. Even with these minor setbacks and misfortunes, Big Day Out has a pretty impressive lineup, which you can check out on their website.