The Roots Unveil 'undun' Short Film

The Roots - UNDUN from The Ghettonerd Company, LLC on Vimeo.

By Rob Markman

The Roots have always marched to the beat of their own drum. Unconcerned with the latest rap trends, the Philadelphia hip-hop band has always placed their art at a premium. Their latest studio album undun is no different. On Tuesday, the Roots released a black and white short film to accompany their recently released LP. Set to the album’s music the nine-minute, gritty film, which was directed by Clifton Bell, tells the story of a young man named Redford Stephens who chooses a life of crime.

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Dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt, with a white stocking over his face we never see the protagonist, but his story is meant to be a familiar one.

At the film’s opening, the band leaves this message: “undun is the story of this kid who becomes criminal, but he wasn’t born criminal. He’s not the nouveau exotic primitive bug-eyed gunrunner... he’s actually thoughtful and is neither victim nor hero. Just some kid who begins to order his world in a way that makes the most sense to him at a given moment... At the end of the day... isn’t that what we all do?” -- The Roots

undun is available now and features Big K.R.I.T., Dice Raw, Phonte, Bilal and Just Blaze.

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