50 Cent Is Excited About Lindsay Lohan's Playboy Issue

By Carly Kilroy

Well, the cat’s out of the bag (plus a few pictures) on Lindsay Lohan’s million dollar Playboy shoot, thanks to an Internet leak last Friday (December 9), but we do know at least one eager celeb who is still waiting for the issue to hit stands before taking a peak at Lilo’s unmentionables. 50 Cent bluntly expressed his curiosity about Lindsay’s exposure to Hollyscoop saying, "I haven't seen it, but I always wondered what Lindsay's (private parts) looked like. Ever thought about it? I'll check it out and see what happens."

Although he’s excited to check out the Playboy spread, he isn’t exactly gung-ho about how much Lindsay has profited from the photo shoot. 50 questioned the morals behind paying a celeb such a substantial amount of money for nude photos, arguing, "$1 million to pose nude is the same thing strippers do almost every day for way less. If they give you a million dollars, does that change the status of what you've done?”


(50 Cent on his new 'Big 10' mixtape)

The G-Unit CEO, who has plenty of sexually explicit lyrics in his songs, actually questioned why it’s socially acceptable for a star to be commended for the same acts that average people are often condemned for. He even challenged the notion that the amount of money offered changes the intention of the act. “If I pay a hundred dollars ... is it the same thing as paying a million dollars when you're a movie star or celebrity? The same transaction? Or is it socially different? Does it register different because of how much?"

Either way, 50 made it pretty clear that this won’t stop him from purchasing the Lilo Playboy issue when it hits stands later this month.