Gucci Mane Is Free From Jail Once Again


(Gucci Mane on "RapFix Live" before September sentencing)

Radric "Gucci Mane" Davis and his run-ins with the law have made headlines at least a few times this year, but although it was falsely reported that he was freed from prison back in October (after an April arrest and probation violation) the "Lemonade" MC is officially back--and says he plans to keep it that way.

He was reportedly released this past Sunday (December 11), after being sentenced to six months in jail on September 13, when he entered a guilty plea on battery and disorderly conduct. The issue was connected to an April case in which he was charged with pushing a 36-year-old woman out of his moving vehicle. XXL caught up with Gucci shortly after his release, and he showed measurable remorse for his latest legal infraction.

"This is the last time I think I’ll ever be in jail," said Gucci to XXL. "It was a time for me to sit back and just refocus the whole way I do things, man. The times away from my fans just made me want to grind, get in the studio, go to my shows and appreciate my job and what I do now."

Gucci Mane's freedom is well-timed, as his collaborative album with White Girl Mob rapper V-Nasty BAYTL drops today. He tells XXL that fans will be "surprised" by the unlikely pairing.