Toronto Officials Upset About Drake's 'Take Care' Billboard

By Lauren Kearney

Drake is making “Headlines” this week thanks to a two month-old album promotion scheme in his hometown. According to the Toronto Star, the city is accusing Drake of using its logo for a billboard, which he displayed this fall to spread the word about his sophomore album, Take Care. The ad featured the word “Toronto” in the distinctive font used by the city, along with the note "population 2,753,609."

Although the album’s November 15 release date was displayed on the billboard, along with Drizzy’s signature October's Very Own owl, the sign does bear resemblance to a welcome sign for the city. The billboard was posted in October and it should be old news by now, but the promotion was just brought to the attention of city officials, who are currently “reviewing the matter.”


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"We would suggest that the treatment of the word Toronto used on the billboard is very similar to the wordmark that forms part of the Toronto logo," city spokesperson Francine Antonio-Forte told the Toronto Star. "The similarity of the wordmarks, in conjunction with other creative elements used for the billboard, may cause some confusion about the source of the information." There’s been no word as to whether Toronto officials will take legal action against their pride and joy. "While the city is proud of its local and international talent, we have a general practice of reviewing and addressing reported or known cases related to the possible misuse of the Toronto logo," Antonio-Forte added.

Since Drake has done nothing but rep Toronto to the fullest, maybe he'll get off with warning.