How Many Times Will Jay-Z Perform 'N---as in Paris' At Carnegie Hall?


(Jay-Z on 'N---as in Paris')

By Rob Markman

Boy has Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “N---as in Paris” taken off. The energetic Watch the Throne single started off as a fan-favorite, but has since become the most memorable song on an album with a bunch of memorable songs. There isn’t even a music video for the Hit-Boy-produced track, but that hasn’t stopped the Throne from performing the bouncy banger multiple times during each night of their WTT Tour.

During the tour’s opening night in Atlanta, Hov and Yeezy performed ‘Paris’ twice, the next night it was three times, in Detroit they did it seven times and in Chicago, eight times. So, how many times will Hov rock the abrasively titled single when he takes stage at Carnegie Hall?

“I didn’t think about that, that'll be great,” Jay told MTV News after announcing two February dates at the famed concert hall. "We have to do a rendition of 'N---as in Paris' in Carnegie Hall; it just has to go down," Jay said, laughing after being posed the question. "I ain't think about that. That'll be great."

The song has garnered all types of fans. Will Ferrell, whose voice is sampled in the track couldn’t believe that he was a part of one of the year’s biggest rap hits. "I was completely flattered when they asked if they could sample me into the song ... and when I heard it for the first time, I just started to laugh because it felt so surreal. But I really did like the song."

When “N---as in Paris” producer Hit-Boy caught one of the two Madison Square Garden shows in New York at the beginning of November, he was blown away hearing his track repeatedly."It was amazing," he said. "I've never heard of that being done before, like a song being performed multiple times. That made me feel super special."

How many times would you like to see Jay-Z perform “N---as in Paris” when he rocks Carnegie Hall? Tell us in the comments