Tyler, The Creator Expects To Be Blamed 'If Columbine Gets Re-enacted'


(Tyler Pissing Off Churchgoers On 'When I Was 17')

Tyler, The Creator and his band of potty-mouthed misfits (aka Odd Future) have caused sonic mayhem for much of the past year, and it was well-rewarded when the gravelly-voiced 20-year-old snagged the award for Best New Artist at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. But this week the Wolf Gang leader placed himself in the middle of another potential storm, after admitting that he expects to be blamed, should another violent attack potentially happen at a U.S. high school.

“If Columbine is reenacted or some shit, that's gonna be on my fu----g head. Yeah, it'll be my fault, just like it was Em's and Marilyn's and fu----g Slipknot's and all them motherfu----s,” Tyler told Respect magazine, sparking outrage on Twitter after the story made its rounds in the blogosphere.

Tyler continued with, “All my songs are me reflecting and talking to myself – the dude in my head, who is the doctor dude you hear on some songs.” When pressed on his song “Radicals” from his sophomore album Goblin, Tyler expressed that the track would make him “an icon” and “get me in a lot of fu----g heat with a lot of parents.”

This isn't the first time Tyler has dredged up the Columbine shooting. The rapper got himself into hot water over the summer after alluding on Twitter that the Columbine shooters were “cool people” – although he didn’t excuse the actions of senior students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in the 1999 tragedy, explaining his comments in a follow up interview.