Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg Producing Tha Dogg Pound's New Album

During its heyday, Death Row Records was a force onto itself, and the West Coast record company reshaped the entire fabric of the industry in the early '90s with classic albums such as Dr. Dre's The Chronic, Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle and Tha Dogg Pound's Dogg Food featuring Daz Dillinger and Kurupt. Dre executive produced Tha Dogg Pound’s inaugural release in 1995 but 16 years later, the good doctor will share those duties with Snoop Dogg, on the group’s upcoming album Alumni.

In an exclusive interview with AllHipHop, Tha Dogg Pound revealed that both Dre and Snoop will be overseeing their latest project and they detailed their seamless working relationship with Dre. "It’s Daz and Kurupt getting that DPGC together. Big Snoop is overseeing it, Dre’s overseeing,” Kurupt said in Philadelphia. “We just got off a road trip for Beats with Dr. Dre, who is still working on Detox,” they said.

A bulk of Tha Dogg Pound's releases were independent, but Daz said the album will have major label backing this time around. Production will be handled mostly by Daz and Dr. Dre. "We put the beats together, submit it to him [Dr. Dre] to let him know what we are working with and he comes and adds his flavor to it. It’s natural," confirmed Daz.

Tha Dogg Pound is currently on the road with Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa for their "High School" tour in support of the upcoming film "Mac & Devin Go To High School."